Sukoshi Con is a Convention that prides itself on being comprised of real fans of Anime and it's culture. We are a social Anime Convention that really believes in the bond of everyone that has something to do with Anime, be they fan, vendor, artist, convention, company, or voice actor. It is because of this that have decided we must do what we can as a small convention to show our support to one of our own. As of December 2, 2011  Sukoshi Con is going to donate $1.00 of every pass that we sell for Sukoshi Con: Destin, FLto Help Raise the Snyder Twins. Click the link below to learn more and donate directly to help them. Our hearts go out to Dan Green and his family.

For those that do not know the Anime Connection of this tragedy:

At-door prices
2 day pass: $30.00
Saturday only: $25.00
Sunday only: $10.00

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